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Podia Review

Podia positions itself as a platform for you to sell online courses, digital downloads or webinars. Unlike other online course platforms that focus on you creating a school and student community, Podia brands its solution as one where you can easily build a site, create and sell your digital creations as single products, bundles or memberships.

Its proposition is about getting your site online and providing you with the simple tools to quickly sell your digital products.


Reviewing the features

You start off in Podia with the Dashboard.

Sell online courses with Podia Dashboard

The Dashboard has the following options:

Create and Manage Products

Podia - Create Products
You have 4 product options:
  • Online Courses
  • Digital Downloads
  • Webinars
  • Bundles
Online Course Builder

Podia offers a simple online course builder. It is not as feature-rich as other solutions like LearnWorlds and Thinkific. With the builder, you create sections and in those sections, you add files, links, text or quizzes. There are not many instructions involved with adding files. All you are asked is to drag and drop the files in the upload box. For links and text, it is basically a simple editor that allows you to enter them in.

Quiz functionality is also very basic. All that is provided are simple multiple-choice quizzes. To be honest, I would have preferred the course builder to provide more features and allow one to set a proper curriculum. However, if you are just selling a simple course and want to skip all the sophisticated features, this could be the solution that meets your needs.

Podia Course Creator


Podia provides the option for creating webinar products. This basically allows you to create a webinar product page with your scheduled time sessions. To run your webinar, you can integrate with your Zoom account or YouTube account. The integration with YouTube provides an alternative option for monetising YouTube videos.

Digital Downloads

This is pretty straightforward. One adds files and sets a price for those files.


Once you have created your products, you have the option to create bundles and sell them at a discounted price.

Product Pricing

What kind of pricing options do you have for your products? With Podia, you can set a standard price or opt to provide your customers with the option to split their purchase into multiple payments. You can also promote upsells by offering another product at a discounted price after a customer completes their purchase. 

Membership plans 

Podia offers its users the ability to create membership plans that allow one to earn revenue from paid subscriptions. This feature is only available with their Shaker plan.


Like other online course platforms, you can issue discount coupons for your digital products.


Podia has a messaging feature that allows customers to message you from your storefront. 
Podia Sell Online Courses Messaging

Site Builder

Podia offers a simple site builder to develop your storefront website. The site builder offers plain vanilla features like adding your own text, images, columns. Customisation of the site layout is rather limited. If you are looking to build a beautiful jazzy interactive website, this will not do it for you. The site builder suits those who just want to get an online storefront up and quick to sell.

Podia Sitebuilder
A look at Podia's sitebuilder

Podia offers a simple sitebuilder.


Podia offers simple reporting functions under the following labels.


Its audience reports list the number of customers, members and subscribers you have acquired.


The sales reports list the total sales, monthly recurring revenue (MRR), revenue and pending sales.

Marketing Tools

Email Campaigns

Podia has a built-in email marketing platform. It allows for email broadcasts and campaigns to help you reach out to your audience.

Affiliate Tools

It offers simple affiliate tools where you are able to set the default commission. You can choose between a flat commission payment or a percentage of sales. You can also add product-specific commissions. This feature is only available with their Shaker plan.

Payment Processing

When it comes to payment processing, you can set the currency of your choice from 20+ currency options. You can also connect to you Stripe, Paypal account to receive and manage course payments and receive funds

Podia Pricing Plans

Podia bills monthly and annually and offers the following plans. We list out the key differences between the plans below. 

Note: Prices are in USD


$ 32
Monthly (billed annually)
  • Own website and custom domain
  • Unlimited Online courses
  • Unlimited Digital Download products
  • Unlimited Webinars (no Zoom)
  • Email Marketing
  • Additional teammates ($20/mo each)


$ 65
Monthly (billed annually)
  • Key Features in addition to Mover
  • Membership feature
  • Zoom Integration
  • Site Builder with Blog
  • Access to subscriptions and memberships
  • Affiliate Marketing tools

Other costs

There are no transaction fees. As you are using your own Paypal or Stripe accounts for payment processing, there are no additional processing fees.

Research of reviews online

I couldn’t find many reviews online and hence, I will leave this section blank for now.

Is Podia the right solution for me to sell online courses?

Who is it not for?

Podia will not meet the needs of creators:

  • seeking a feature-rich course builder with more quizzing and interactive options
  • needing a solution that allows one to build a design-rich website
  • seeking detailed student reporting features

Similar to other online course platforms (most of them lack this functionality), this is not for creators who:

  • require reporting for SCORM, XAPI online learning content
  • require gamification elements that you can customise (badges, points, leaderboards for interacting with your site)

Who is Podia for?

Podia is likely to meet the needs of creators who:

  • do not require advanced interactivity for their online courses, digital downloads and webinars
  • seeking to setup their storefront and sell their digital products quickly and do not need a flashy fancy website
  • are seeking alternative ways to monetise their YouTube video LIVE sessions
  • want to set up and sell quickly and have access to easy email marketing, coupon discounting and affiliate tools
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