Blueprint for building an online course business

This online course business blueprint is my take on the various features required to deliver a successful and effective online course application for both creators and students. This blueprint is based on my experience with developing my own online course site as well as discussions with the online learning community.

Gain insight into critical modules involved in supporting an online learning business. This will help you table your requirements and support you in making the right choice when deciding on the right learning platform for your business.

Four Key Focus Areas for Online Course Businesses

As online course creators, we want to deliver a great learning experience. However, this does not guarantee business success. To maximise your chances for success, there are 4 key focus areas: Learning, Branding, Sales and Marketing and Members (your learners). online course business

There are multiple important functions within these 4 areas. However, not all are required. It will depend on who your target audience is and your online learning business’s maturity level.

The following articles will look into each of these 4 areas in greater detail.

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